Daniel Ruiz is the owner of Blinders Off, LLC. He has over 15 years of retail automotive experience specializing in inventory management and acquisitions. Well over a decade of seat-time in the retail automotive industry has given him the ability to uniquely interpret data and spot nuances. His years of experience have revealed used vehicle values to be the foundation for the entire automotive industry. Because of this, he believes that timely and expert analysis of used car values can be utilized as a leading indicator for broad and focused auto related forecasting. He has developed a highly effective process of analysis based on an in depth understanding of consumer, retail dealer and manufacturer behavior. The combination of his unique process of analysis and experience helps him spot key inflection points well ahead of others that could benefit the quality of investment decisions. He spent over 10 years a Used Car Director for Penske Automotive until leaving in April of 2017. He was responsible for all reconditioning decisions/calculations for used vehicle appraisals, trades and purchases.